Milam Makeup Organiser


At the heart of this project is our dedicated team of designers, boasting a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail. Their expertise in industrial product design ensures that every element of the Milam Makeup Organizer is not just visually appealing but also highly functional.








Strategic Research
Industrial Design
Color, Material & Finish
Design for Manufacture
Art Direction

The Milam Makeup Organizer is a revelation in sustainable design, featuring reusable plastic that not only contributes to environmental responsibility but also guarantees durability. Neutral color schemes have been carefully curated, providing a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any space, from contemporary chic to classic elegance.

The standout feature of the Milam Makeup Organizer lies in its modular design, a testament to our commitment to versatility. The spacious drawers provide ample storage for a diverse range of makeup essentials, keeping your beauty arsenal neatly organized and easily accessible. The modular approach ensures that the organizer can adapt to changing needs, making it a versatile companion for any makeup enthusiast.

A stroke of brilliance lies in the rotating makeup stand, ingeniously designed with a lazy Susan bearing. This feature adds an element of convenience, allowing users to access their favorite products effortlessly. The 360-degree rotation ensures that no item is ever out of reach, streamlining your daily beauty routine.

Our design team's approach to the Milam Makeup Organizer is rooted in a careful balance of form and function. By marrying aesthetics with practicality, we have created a product that not only enhances your space but also elevates your daily routine. The neutral color palette and modular design make it a universal solution, tailored to the diverse preferences of our clientele.

Precision in manufacturing is another hallmark of our approach. The Milam Makeup Organizer undergoes meticulous production processes to ensure that each unit meets the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics, providing users with a reliable and enduring solution for their makeup storage needs.

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