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Wall Mounted UV Sanitizer

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Introducing the Wall Mounted UV Sanitizer by Oxta Design – a revolutionary product designed to enhance hygiene and safeguard your home and office environment. Developed in collaboration with Angel Technologies USA, this compact and portable UV sanitizer is a small yet powerful gadget that brings convenience and cleanliness to your fingertips.

Wall Mounted UV Sanitizer offers a contactless sanitization solution, effectively reducing the spread of germs and infections. Its elegant outer plastic case not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides a clear view of the interior, showcasing the internal blue UV light that emits a bright and clean appearance.

With its rapid sanitization capability, this innovative device eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria that come in contact with the UV light within seconds. By incorporating this technology, we ensure a safer and healthier environment for you, your family, and your colleagues.

One of the standout features of our Wall Mounted UV Sanitizer is its portability. It can be effortlessly placed at the entrance of every room in your home or strategically positioned at the entrances and areas of vulnerability in your business. This versatility allows for maximum coverage and protection against harmful pathogens.

By eliminating the need for paper towels, sanitizer, soap, and excessive water usage, we have created a sustainable solution that saves both resources and money. With our device, you can justify having multiple stations throughout your premises without worrying about unnecessary waste.

Ease of use is paramount to our product's design philosophy. The Wall Mounted UV Sanitizer requires no complicated procedures – simply place your hands under the UV light for quick and effective sanitization. For added convenience and energy savings, we offer optional timing circuits or motion sensors, enabling hands-free operation.

“ Portable , Contactless, wall mounted, UV light driven Hand sanitizing station ”

Oxta Design presents a portable, contactless, wall-mounted UV light-driven Hand Sanitizing Station that combines engineering excellence with practicality. Our commitment to exceptional product design and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining cleanliness and promoting a healthier environment.