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Moyoko Hailo Detangling Brush

Mycro Keratin

Machines especially designed for exclusive Fudge and Parfait drinks.The machines are designed using Sheet metal and are currently in testing and manufacturing


 Mycro Keratin​






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Industrial Design
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Art Direction

At Oxta Design, we are excited to introduce - the Moyoko Hailo Detangling Brush. This piece of design ingenuity is an ideal blend of high-end aesthetics and optimal functionality.

We have carefully engineered the brush pins for smoothing and bristles for detangling, balancing form and function. With superior strength and durability, the brush withstands regular usage while ensuring your hair remains tangle-free and beautifully styled.

Every aspect of the Moyoko Hailo brush reflects our commitment to quality and performance. Its striking look is elevated by a luxurious UV coating, which not only imparts an attractive sheen but also enhances its durability. With its unique design, this brush promises to enhance your control during detangling and smoothing your hair.

Keeping user comfort at the forefront, we have devised the Hailo brush's rounded head to perfectly fit the contours of your head. This unique adaptation allows for easier and more efficient detangling and styling.

“One of innovative features is the pin tips infused with Argon Oil. This infusion enhances the brush's softening effect on your hair, adding an extra layer of shine for that flawless look. ”

At Oxta Design, we persistently strive to break new ground in product design engineering, blending innovative design concepts with engineering excellence. Experience the Moyoko Hailo Detangling Brush - an embodiment of our pursuit of perfection.