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65% Layout Mechanical Keyboard featuring gasket mounted plate design, Hot swap PCB and RGB under glow!


Odin Gaming


Mechanical Keyboard




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Our primary focus in designing the Aurora65 was to ensure a superior typing experience, achieved through an infusion of advanced engineering and innovative design elements. We specifically designed the keyboard with a 65% layout, a detail that showcases our conscious effort to blend compactness with functionality. Despite its sleek, space-saving form, the Aurora65 retains all necessary keys, making it a perfect choice not just for the ardent gamers, but also for tech enthusiasts who demand the Best!

Aurora65- Oxta.25 (1)

About Aurora65

One of the standout features of the Aurora65 is the application of high-quality CNC machined aluminum in its construction. This was a deliberate choice on our part to ensure the keyboard's structure boasts both durability and sturdiness, uncompromising on its overall quality. We've embraced this high-precision machining process, known for its accuracy and consistency, to create a product that not only looks impressive but also stands the test of time

Aurora65 also features Durock v2 screw-in stabilizers, which are pre-lubed to provide a smooth and stable typing experience. These stabilizers have been integrated into the design to prevent any unwanted key wobbling or rattling, which is crucial for an enjoyable typing experience.

Another notable feature of the Aurora65 is the premium gasket-mounted typing experience, which is achieved by using a specially designed gasket around the key switches. This design feature ensures that each keystroke is consistent, tactile, and satisfying, making it a popular choice for typists who demand precision and comfort.

“ The Aurora65 is designed to be compatible with QMK/VIA (open source firmware), which allows users to customize the keyboard’s functionality according to their specific preferences”

The Aurora65 also comes with a unique polycarbonate bottom case, which allows for a beautiful RGB underglow experience. The custom PCB with 5-pin hot-swap and robust under glow RGB lighting system provides a customizable and immersive visual experience. This design feature adds an additional layer of aesthetics to the product.