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Pyramid Speaker

Private Inventor

Immerse yourself in entrancing sound and illuminating spectacle, brought to life by Oxta Design's innovative pyramid-shaped speakers, powered by built-in batteries and ambient LED lights


Private Inventor


Consumer Electronics




Strategic Research
Industrial Design
Color, Material & Finish
Design for Manufacture
Art Direction

With pyramid speakers, it's not just about sound—it’s about setting the atmosphere. The embedded LED lights offer a spectrum of color options, customizable to your mood or preference. Craft your ambiance with just a button's push.

We understand that sound quality is paramount. These pyramid speakers are engineered to deliver a crystal-clear, robust sound that fills your space. State-of-the-art wireless technology guarantees minimal signal loss for an immersive, uninterrupted auditory adventure.

At Oxta Design, we believe in blending aesthetics with function, and this latest offering is no exception. Crafted with careful attention to the smallest detail and infused with our forward-thinking engineering, we designed the Pyramid Speakers

“ Good design is honest. ”